If you enjoyed a certain string of words I needled together in this medium, here, take this stuff with you too.

It was a pleasure, not pleasurable, to write what’s on my mind.

It’s a privilege and a burden and a privilege to even have the opportunity to write.

And the greatest moment of this fulfilling and fatiguing merger of influence and experience is this part right here. Letting it go. The moment the contents of my mind weren’t just on my computer screen anymore, it wasn’t only mine anymore. And by the end of this sentence, it’s now yours. 🙂

You are free to do what you like with what you have. Again, you are free to do what you like. Again, you are free to do. Again, you are free. Again, you. <—–That time didn’t mean anything, I’m just clowning around.

The point still stands though, you are free. Learn to use your freedom, don’t just have it. Using your freedom  could be point of it maybe, but the learning is the hard of it and the bulk of it for certain. Not learning is not an option…for you, unless you make it one. And if you take that path because you have to go down that path, you will learn the inside of your eyelids is a dark prison, but please, do not harm. And not harming is helping.