Islam is 1400 years old, but how do you personally read the packaging? You can either approach it with an understanding that has been patiently aged for 1400 years, with an understanding that’s from the 1400’s, or an understanding who’s 1400 years really does show.

Islam is among the finest of wines of which there are many, and whatever your preferred vineyard is, we’re all getting drunk on dhikr. How classy of a drunk are you?

This is all I want from my Muslim brothers and those in brother costumes: ask yourself why do you pray? yes, you.YOU. why do you personally pray? “Because I have to” isn’t a reason because it’s not true. “Because I have to” is an excuse, an excuse to perform prayer. Did you perform your prayers today? And who did you perform them for?

To my Muslim sisters, all my Muslim sisters…including the ones not in the sorority through meaningful self-exclusion, or otherwise:  I have nothing to say to you because I need nothing to say…to be there for you. I just want to be there for you, because it’s my job to be there for you. If we don’t take care of ourselves as people, as human beings—who is? Give me another chance to be a brother to you, just make yourself open to me. And I know it’s going to be hard, because the last time you made yourself vulnerable, your brother threw it in the trash. Well, it’s garbage day. The trash is gone. And there’s an empty trash can here waiting to be filled by us. And yes, I know, men are the keepers of women. But have we really been doing a good job? We have been keeping you still stupidly, only so we, the stupid, can keep up with you. Men are the keepers of women….and women are the keeper of men, and everything else in existence. We stand guard of you while you give us something worth guarding. We will watch you while you watch yourself illuminate the world.