The Strange Layers of American Democracy

Who can run for president? To my grade school understanding, any citizen over the age of 35. However, not every citizen runs for national office, or even local or state office. Why not? Well, it goes back to the question of ‘who can run?’ Again, any citizen over 35. Now, let’s add a hair-splitting question to this loop. Who is able to run? Any citizen over the age of 35…who can afford not to work with their time.

The strangeness gets deeper. Any citizen over the age of 35 who can afford not to work…..AND can afford to go on vacation across America waving at people. Shit, no wonder it’s slim pickins when the time comes to pick.

The candidate pool is layer one. Now, layer two is the office itself. Imagine you were working for a company for eight years. You finally got into the swing of things. You’re getting things done because you’ve figured out how to navigate the system. Now, imagine that company says to you, ‘Ok, you’ve been with us for about a decade. Now, go get the fuck out out of here and never come back.’ This is exactly what the presidency is. Why is there such a high turnover rate? 44 presidents in 226 years. That’s like getting a brand new manager running the place every 5 years in the midst of senior employee Americans. I’m not supporting monarchy, or even the romantic Socratic vision of philosopher king–which is bullshit anyhow, I just want the old guys to train the new guys. Form a president school or something. Or the 2016 candidate can make Obama, Bush, Clinton, H.W. Bush, Carter one of his vice presidents. Training the successor should be a part of the job. I want someone with experience, not some fresh baby-face-rich-from-income-earned-without-sweat asshat that is fresh from vacation.

Two notes: It’s really fun to take a dump on Socrates, because it’s fun to be a hater. Secondly, H.W.’s health isn’t so good, last I heard, my thoughts are with you, man.

Oh, and a third note: Watch any presidential debate, with the understanding that it’s a group interview. So much chest-beating and slamming the other guy. It’s hilarious. I think the candidate should stand in a room one at a time and every American that wants to ask a question gets a chance to ask a question. And the candidate can leave when there’s no more questions. Then bring on the next candidate from a different door. And just keep the process going until everyone is interviewed. But really, there is one relevant question that I would ask. I would stop with the campaign promises because you don’t know the future, how are you making plans for it? I would just ask one question. What do you think the role of President of America is? Not what it should be, but is. And if I agree with that thoughts on the role, then I’ll vote for them.

Oh, one last thing. Term limits are bogus. Why can’t Bush or Obama or Clinton run again? That’s a limitation of freedom as a private citizen. These three dudes spent years thinking about our freedoms, but who is thinking about theirs?