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i’m going to depart from my text-only style for just one post. the other day i was driving and did not have access to my notepad and pen. i wasn’t going to not take notes so i turned on the voice recorder my cell phone and started to take audio notes as i was behind the wheel. the idea behind the post was simple. i wanted to answer the question ‘how does my mind work?’ so i just kept talking with the intention of putting up the raw voice memos, accompanied by the final blog post. real simple concept. fyi: the post being about being fat, what that means, and how i feel about it. however, later that day i was hospitalized on my own volition to stabilize what the emergency intake coordinator said  “a manic episode, with awareness of being in a manic episode”.

so yeah, i inadvertently documented the flightiness of mania, my mania specifically. and i want to share. i’m recruiting my friends amy and emily to help me process these raw voice memos because (a) more perspectives the better (b) they were in this with me. who do you think took me to the hospital and held my hand when i asked?

UPDATE: No one wants the flour, they want to cake. So I’m going to step away and bake for a bit.


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